1. Do I get a confirmation e-mail after I register?
Yes. You should receive a confirmation e-mail from us within 1 – 4 days. If not, please contact Cathy or Ian at aslteach@mts.net.
2. Can I take two class at the same time?  
No. You can only take one course at a time.
3. What payment method do you accept?
We accept cash, money order, cheque or e-transfer ( aslteach@mts.net ). Sorry, we do not accept Debit/Credit Card.
Please forward cheque or money order to ASL TEACHING SERVICES.
$35.00 fee for any returned cheque.
4. When can I pay for the course?
You can pay your course fee in the classroom on the first day of class.
You can send the course fee in advance to:
ASL Teaching Services
242-285 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, Manitoba   R3L 2E1
Please include your registration form in the letter. You can find an offline form to print on the first page of our website (under the galleries pictures).
5. How many class can I miss? 
If you plan to miss more than two or four class, we recommend you register for the following term instead.
Tuesday and Saturday mornings (two classes).
Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday nights (four classes).
6. How do I know if I can still register for a class?
Don’t worry, Go-ahead and register. We will contact you if the class is full.
7. What happens if less than 12 students enrolled per course?
10 students-$355
9 students-$380
8 students-$410
7 students-$445
6 students-Cancelled
If there are under 12 students, all students will have to agree to continue class with an increased fee.
8. Is there a minimum age to register for a class?
16 years old and up. We will accept 12 -15 years of age if they are accompanied by someone who is 16 years or older. We recommend finding someone who is also interested in  taking the course so they can register and sit in the classroom with you.
9. I did not register and missed the first day of class. Is it too late to register?
No. You still can register and come in on the second day of class. However you may be affected by course availability and classroom size. Registration will close in two weeks from   the first day of class.
10. I lost my certificate. Can I get a new one?
Yes. It’s $75 for a new certificate.
11. Can your instructor come and teach at my building?
No. The instructor will teach at 285 Pembina Highway or 77 Redwood Ave only.
12. Is there any group rate?
Sorry. There is no group rate.
13. How soon will I know if the class is cancelled and why the class is cancelled?
One week before the first day of class. Classes are cancelled due to not enough registered students or no instructor available at the time.